Sitemap Wizard


Sitemap Generation Process

The sitemap generation process is quite straightforward and takes only a few minutes. Once Sitemap Wizard is installed on your Shopify Store, it will start getting the list of your products, collections, and pages. This process will take a few minutes depending on the number of items you have on your Shopify Store.

Once this process is completed, Sitemap Wizard will generate the XML sitemap and publish it under your Shopify Store website.

You can copy the URL of your XML sitemap for Google Search submission. Simply go to your Sitemap Wizard dashboard, and click “Copy URL” next to “XML Sitemap” section:

Sitemap Wizard Dashboard

In order to insert an HTML sitemap to your website, copy the URL of your “HTML Sitemap” on your Sitemap Wizard dashboard and insert it into your Shopify Store theme.

Most of the time, the ideal location is the footer of your website.

If you are not experienced in editing your Shopify Store theme, please ask for help from our Shopify developer/designer for adding the “Sitemap” link to your theme footer.